Amazon is considering office space in downtown Bellevue for 25,000 employees – equivalent of its proposed HQ2. 


So far, Amazon has leased three Bellevue towers and proposes to take two additional Vulcan Real Estate developments and a two-tower Trammel Crow Co. project. According to sources, earnest money has been put down to buy the site 600 Bellevue, an older office building currently known as the Bellevue Corporate Plaza. 


Amazon plans to reach 4,500 employees in Bellevue by 2020. The Puget Sound Business Journal predicts that if this is the case, Amazon will occupy at least 3.9 million square feet in space, fitting a total of 25,826 employees. Even if half of the company’s real estate plans are true, Amazon would become Bellevue’s largest employer. 


Last week, Amazon withdrew plans for a 25,000 employee office in Long Island City, New York. According to Amazon, plans for a second headquarters location will not reopen. Instead, Amazon intends to hire across all 17 offices.


Meanwhile, real estate industry sources say Amazon is considering taking on more property/projects for an additional 2.84 million square feet of space, with most of that space being in Bellevue.


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