In April 2015, Expedia decided to share their ambitious plan of uprooting its headquarters from Bellevue to an iconic waterfront Seattle campus. Four years later, the Seattle campus is finally close to completion. 

The first set of employees will move into the $900M campus starting October followed by several hundred at a time through next summer once construction is complete. According to GeekWire, when Expedia is done renovating several existing buildings on the former campus to biotech giant Amgen and adds two new ones, the site will be able to house all 4,500 of Expedia’s Seattle-area workers. Eventually, Expedia could house more than 8,000 workers with the approval to continue to build out the campus. 

When Expedia moves out of Bellevue, Amazon will take over the longtime Expedia headquarters with a 16-year lease of 400,000 square feet of office space with room for 2,500 Amazon employees.

Between Apple’s expansion (bringing more than 2,000 Seattle workers in the next few years), the new Expedia campus, and a new Google campus, Seattle will continue to bring thousands of workers in a heavily congested part of Seattle in the next few years.

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