Julie and her troops went to work on my house (donations, packing ,etc.) and finally the house was ready to go on the market

I must admit Julie Scozzafave came highly recommended by her colleagues so that got us off to a fast start. She read my mind, and helped me narrow down some choices. When I decided she was at my elbow helping me buy my Condo. She suggested I have some packers come in and pack up 45 years of collecting. I marked things I thought I would need, and left on vacation to arrive home three weeks later, owner of a condo which I slept in the first night home. She had framed some of my paintings and placed them perfectly. She had displayed my treasures in a wonderful way. She was there with my daughter to celebrate, and I slept there the first night home and ever after. Then she and her troops went to real work in the house. Still was much to get rid of by donation, sales and so on. This lasted a while and finally the house was ready to go to market, It was to go on the market on Wednesday or Thursday, but it had already sold! She guided my daughter and me through the sale which was completed between Sunday and Wednesday. We all went to dinner, guests of Julie. When Julie couldn’t be right there to answer a question her associate, Aubrey Aust was.