She did a lot of pre-market work

My father passed away in November, 2019. We had a house to sell in Newcastle, WA that was something of a fixer. We spoke with 3 realtors and were told that selling a fixer can really reduce the number of buyers, which significantly impacts the sale price. However, one realtor, Julie Scozzafave, went a bit further. She knew we were selling a specific house, in a specific neighborhood, at a specific time. She talked about how desirable the neighborhood was and how at that time, the inventory of available houses, either move in ready or a fixer, was low to non-existent. She felt we could get a better price than we were expecting and was very confident she could deliver. After seeing her other reviews and several discussions with her, we opted to take a chance on her and are glad we did. She did a lot of pre-market work, letting house flippers know we would be going to market to get a feel for the demand for dad’s house and figuring out a listing price. She was attentive and easy to get a hold of when questions came up. We went to market on a Wed and planned an open house the following weekend. We had 2 offers, one for asking price by Saturday. By Sunday evening we had 13 offers! These offers went from well below to well over asking price (3 below, 10 above). Julie spent Monday reviewing the offers with me and negotiating with several of the buyers’ agents for final terms. We ended up with an all cash offer that was well over the asking price. We closed in about 11 days. We are very happy that we went with Julie Scozzafave!